The Top Four Types of Shapewear Every Woman Should Own


Body Shapewear

We all have our little secrets as to how we manage to look so great. For some women, their secrets consist of anti-aging cream or plastic surgery. For others, it’s shapewear!

Over the years, shapewear has become more than simply a slimming must-have. Since its popularity has skyrocketed, partially due to celebrity appearances, shapewear has become a fashion accessory that no woman should leave the house without.

There are all kinds of shapewear to choose from, ranging from arm to leg shapewear. These accessories can address most any problem area. At Your Contour, we offer a wide variety of shapewear to choose from and to suit most any occasion. However, we have created a guide for you for the top four shapewear that women simply shouldn’t live without!

The Stomach Slimmer

Shapewear that addresses the stomach area is called body shapewear. At Your Contour, our body shapewear is made with double lining and an extra firm design to provide the maximum amount of control and shape. This piece will give you a flawless mid-section.

The Back Fat Be Gone

Back fat can occur in anyone despite their shape or size. Body shapewear is a great solution to eliminate back fat as well. This type of shapewear has the ability to not only trim what’s in the front, but the back.

The Coke Bottle Curve

Every woman strives to have that “Coke bottle” figure, which can be achieved with Your Contour’s body or top shapewear! These shapewear have the ability to mold the waist to enhance your curves and give you the appearance of looking fit.

The Butt Booster

One concern many women have about shapewear is that it will also slim their bottom. However, there are bottom shapewear out there that tone your legs and mid-section, but accentuate your asset.

I founded Your Contour in 2006 after experiencing the common frustration over the industrialized sizes of the shapers. We produce body slimmer shapewear that can custom fit any body type and provide confidence to those who want to appear in peak shape without obsessive dieting or exercise. We pride ourselves on our unique products and the confidence they instill in our consumers. Contact us to order your shapewear today!

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