Tone Muscles & De-stress with Yoga


Arm Shapewear

Let’s be honest; most of us aren’t in love with the appearance of our arms. The average woman, such as myself, would love to have Madonna’s perfectly sculpted arms. Not having access to a personal trainer nor the luxury of spending hours a week on arm exercises will most likely prevent my dream from becoming a reality.

This is why I founded Your Contour and started our popular line of stylish arm shapewear—to help individuals to look and feel their best while also boosting self-confidence.

However, as the end of winter quickly approaches, sleeveless shirts and dresses will be replacing sweaters in the closet. Consider taking up yoga classes in the coming months. Not only does yoga work to firm and tone many muscles throughout your body, many find the practice a wonderful stress relief that brings peace and calm to an otherwise hectic schedule.

Below are just some of the benefits of practicing yoga:

  • Improves flexibility: The more you practice yoga, the more flexible you’ll become, which will translate over to your common aches and pains either lessoning or disappearing all together.
  • Improves posture: Poor posture can contribute to neck, back and other muscle and joint problems. Yoga strengthens muscles and helps you to become more aware of your body positioning.
  • Increases muscle strength: Specific yoga poses target different problem areas, building strength and toning muscles.
  • Decreases blood sugar: Yoga has been found to lower blood sugar in people with diabetes by decreasing cortisol and adrenaline levels, improving your sensitivity to insulin’s effects, and boosting weight loss.

As you begin strengthening your arms, remember that Your Contour is here for you! Available in up to 11 shades (dependent on style) that include black, nude, blue and lime, our long sleeve arm shapewear looks sleek and is comfortable to wear. Lace patterns create a more feminine shapewear that is playful with a little sass and a lot of comfort.

I founded Your Contour in 2006 after the founder experienced the common frustration shared by many in regard to the industrialized sizes of the shapers. She created this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those that were pregnant, losing weight or had just undergone surgery. We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our consumers. Contact us and order your arm shapewear today!

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