Three Ways to Motivate Kids to Return to School after Summer Break

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“Do I really have to go back to school?”

Have you ever heard kids utter those words?

Well, you can’t blame them. After a fantastic summer break, it is hard to return to the same old routine. Homework, exams, projects – the list can go on and on! That’s why parents and teachers must come up with some motivating ‘strategies’.

To make things easier, here are some suggestions!

For Parents:

Return to school ‘get –together’

Most kids have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with summer break. They love the idea of no homework or waking up early, but they also hate it because they will miss their friends. So, to motivate them to return to school, why not plan for a short ‘get-together’ party a day or two before the school opens? For sure, they will do a lot of chit-chatting during that ‘party’, but it is not going to be enough. They would want to have more ‘talk time’ and that’s when you can say, “Don’t worry, school will be open soon!” Tricky idea, right?

Something new, something nice

Showing a new item to friends is a great way to start a new school year. A new bag or sneakers? A new toy? It doesn’t really matter what the items are going to be. It does not even have to be an expensive item. Just remember that new ‘stuff’ symbolizes a new start!

For Teachers:

Summer break picture collage

It is difficult to catch the attention of kids who are still in the summer break mode. Well, why not use it to your advantage. Teachers should come up with ‘summer break inspired’ assignments! Ask your students to produce a picture collage with the theme “What I did last summer!” Once made, they can show it in class. Let them have a few minutes to describe their awesome summer fun adventure!

‘Peek-a-Boo’ activities

Here is a simple tip for all teachers

Lecturing outright is boring! Make the first day interesting for kids. If possible, show them the lesson plan and let them have a bird’s eye view of the different exciting activities the class will be doing the whole term. Moreover, ask the kids for activity suggestions!

The four strategies are so easy, right? Remember, kids will hate school if it is all about assignments, book reports, exams, grades and medals. Don’t rush them! According to parenting stress expert and author Lori Lite, “A rushed child is never a calm child”. Let the kids enjoy learning, but most of all, let them ENJOY LIFE!

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