The Three S’s to Spring Weddings!

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The Three S’s to Spring Weddings!

TAKE IT OFF! Oh yes, take off your winter clothes and start a new season! Spring is here again! Got plans?

I am sure a lot of you will check out different festivals while others will enjoy outdoor activities like picnics and such. Well, I am all for that, but I am also excited to attend one special and unique spring wedding of a close friend.

Tatum, a high school buddy, and Sam, her future husband, are not very keen with the traditional wedding celebration. According to them, it’s too serious (and boring?). They prefer to celebrate their big day with a BANG! They want everybody to enjoy and remember the special occasion for a long time. Well, that’s the trend in weddings today. So, they decided to STRUT up and down the aisle!

Yes! And knowing Tatum, I believe they will look sensational. They are very confident because they both know how to dance. And, to make Tatum look fantastic, I suggested two ‘secret weapons’! The Glamore Firm Control Slip Shapewear and the ARMore Secrecy Arm Shapewear! Don’t get me wrong. Tatum enjoys her contour, but she wants to look extra special especially during her wedding ‘presentation’. What the bride wants, the bride gets! She wants her arms to look toned and that’s the job of the ARMore Secrecy Arm Shapewear. Moreover, to make sure she looks great while sashaying up or down the aisle, I also suggested she use the Glamore Firm Control Slip Shapewear. Yes, gone are the bulges, just one lovely contour!

Weddings are always special, but why not make it EXTRA special, right? Be creative! Present something the wedding guests would really enjoy. Who knows you might be the next social media trending star!

Remember the three “S” when planning a wedding:

  • Celebrate it during Springtime
  • Prepare a Sensational production
  • Get a fantastic Shapewear to take care of your contour!

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