Super Summer: Deals and Specials


Summer means hot and for Your Contour customers that means HOT deals. Have you tried all summer to loose a few inches? Now doing just that is easier and cheaper than ever. Trim your body without having to trim your wallet by signing up for our exclusive email deals to get amazing deals like 20% off your entire order. Yes you read correctly! 20% off!!!

We here at Your Contour have a huge selection of shapers. They range from ones just for your arms to ones for the entire body. We sell shapewear for all different people. Whether your short, fat, skinny, male, female, or even missing a limb, we have a slimming shaper with your name on it.

Maybe you were out in the sun for a little too long. Have you seen our amazing skin care products? Zap away that pesky sunburn like it never even existed! Sweating for too long out there? It is a hot summer. Make your acne disappear like it never even existed. Check out our skin care products.

Don’t waste another second feeling down. Shape up now with Your Contour Shapers and Shapewear!

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