‘STYLITUDE’, Your Contour Way.

'STYLITUDE', Your Contour Way

‘STYLITUDE’, Your Contour Way

“I am sexy and I know it! I am curvy and I love it!”

Well, that is my mantra and if you are a voluptuous woman like me, I dare you to use it too.

Ladies, it’s time to really love your shape! Don’t aspire to become like super-thin models because the fashion industry has now evolved! Four countries – Spain, Israel, Italy and France – have finally decided to stop using ultra-thin models for good. This is part of their campaign against anorexia. It is about time, right? So, if your dream is to become a fashion model, go for it! In fact, a lot of agencies are now hiring ‘curvy’ women models.

But before you start sending your portfolio, you have to know that clients are also looking for women who can project STYLE and the right ATTITUDE!


Are you still conscious about your curves? If your answer is yes, don’t worry. Your Contour got you covered. Simply use shapewear products and you are good to go! With arm shapers you can say good-bye to flabby arms. And if you dream of a tight tummy and buttocks, go for body shapers. Use stylish clothes and bingo! You got style! Trust me, you will feel different … more confident to conquer the world!


When you are a shapely woman, you should have the right attitude about your weight. Comparing your size to ultra-thin models is a big N O! Trying to look like them may even cause you your life. So, just eat healthy and say loud and proud “I am a plus size woman”! Besides, there are great shapewear products available now to accentuate your contours.

That’s it! Fashion IS about the attitude and the style. Dreaming of becoming a fashion model or not, curvaceous women should feel proud. So, come on all ‘curvy’ women – enjoy your contour and walk with “STYLITUDE”! You know you deserve it!

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.

We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Contact us and order your body shapewear today![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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