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However, when you start to get some wrinkles, flabby arms and belly fat, life can get a little self-conscious.

It’s crazy to think you can still look like an 18-year-old sexy magnet when you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s. Unfortunately, some mature women go to the extreme by having some surgeries or injecting Botox just to look ‘forever young’.

Ladies, ACCEPTANCE is the key to a happy life. You need to accept that your 20-year-old body is ‘gone’! Right now, the thing you can do is to get some skin care, exercise and simply target a HEALTHY body and skin.

Here are some exercise and skin care tips you can use.

1. Take things easy!

“It hurts!” Do you say that line while doing exhausting aerobics or Zumba moves? Or when you are in the gym using some machines? Well, maybe it is time to change your routine and choose the ‘lighter side’ of exercise. Some older women shift to yoga, Pilates or simply brisk walking. They are easier, but they are very effective in toning flabby arms and getting rid of belly fat. In fact, reveals that walking for 30 minutes for seven days can burn almost 3000 calories. A half-hour walk will cover 2.5 to 3.3 kilometers. Aside from burning calories, walking will also improve metabolism.

Tip: Join the Pokémon Go craze too! It’s the fun way to lose some pounds. Ask your kids or grandkids about it.

2. Flex it!

Don’t wait for your ‘exercise time’ before you start flexing those muscles. In the kitchen waiting for the water to boil? Start stretching your arms and legs! In the TV room watching a favorite program? Start side bending! It’s only for a few minutes, but it will help relax your muscles.
Tip: While having a meal or some snacks; flex your lower leg muscles by pointing your toes downwards and upwards a few times.

Skin Care:

1. Morning and nighttime routine:

Sometimes, wrinkles happen because the skin is dry. Older women should never forget to moisturize every day. Wash your face in the morning with a creamy moisturizing cleanser followed by some serums loaded with vitamin C or E and then use sunscreen with SPF30. End the day by removing your makeup and washing your face with the moisturizing cleanser. Finally, put some retinol cream.

Tip: Use products intended for your age level.

2. Healthy is wise:

It’s time to seriously use the word MODERATION! You don’t need to abruptly stop eating things you love; you just need to lessen them. So, instead of one whole chocolate bar, just gulp one small piece. Instead of drinking a big glass of cola, just have a sip. Satisfy your cravings, don’t go overboard!

Tip: Have more fruits and vegetables on your plate every meal.

That’s about it, some easy exercise and skin care tips for older women. Remember, you don’t need to go to surgeons or use dangerous pills to look great. Just have a regular skin care regimen and daily exercises.

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