Simple Ways to Empower Oneself

Simple Ways to Empower Oneself by Your Contour Shapewear


This simple statement, I believe, is the main point of empowerment. According to dictionaries, ‘empower’ means “to give power or authority”.

But what kind of power are we talking about exactly? Well, it covers four things, the power to – CHOOSE; DECIDE; DREAM and BE INDEPENDENT.

Choose and Decide

Do you let people make decisions for you?

More often than not, letting people have the last say will produce a ’sad’ you! Take for instance the parents who choose the college course of their kids or the wives asking the ‘permission or approval’ of their husbands if they can work while caring for the kids. Choosing what to do is sometimes difficult, but it doesn’t mean you let people run your life.
When you are an empowered woman, you make the choices. You know what’s good and what’s bad for you, right? Use it as your guide. Sometimes your choice works and sometimes it’s a bust. Well, shake it off and remain proud that you decided on your own!
Some decisions can change your life forever too. Jeanne, a close friend of mine made a difficult decision lately. Was it a bad decision? Far from it! Jeanne decided to change career after serving a company for fifteen years! Normally, you stick with a company after so many years of service, right? That’s a big ‘yes’ if security and pension are your end goal. But, what if an opportunity knocks on your door and it is too good to pass? What then? All you need to do is to take a ‘leap of faith’ and go for it!

Dream and Become

Let me start this part of the article by showing some survey results:

• Women work harder! That’s the conclusion given by a research consultancy firm after observing 274 subjects (53 percent women; 47 percent men) in an experimental trial.
• In another study, it was found out that women do 52 percent of professional jobs.
• Still in another study, the income of women globally increased from $4 trillion to$9.8 trillion. By next year, they believe the income will jump to $15.6 trillion.
Without a doubt, women have gone a long way! We have women who aspire for great things and they grab every opportunity to make it come true. Let me name a few – Oprah, Beyonce, Sally Ride (firs woman astronaut) and Hillary Clinton (first American woman president?)! Anyone can become whatever they choose. They just need perseverance and patience. Furthermore, true empowered women never listen to the words “You can’t, you are JUST a woman”!

Be Independent

Let’s be honest here. Are you intimidated by some false advertising presented in the media? You know; the breathtaking figure that women should have and stuff like that? They make you feel your contour is not good enough! In fact, Style Editor Janet Sahm stated that, “Seventy five percent of young women feel worse about themselves after three minutes of reading a fashion magazine.”
Real empowered woman will take this media brainwashing technique with a grain of salt. So what if you have bulges or love handles? It’s okay because you know you have the freedom to do something about it – IF YOU SO CHOOSE! You can go on a diet or simply buy a shapewear to flatten those bulges! No need to compare and no need to feel guilty. Products like shapewear are available and you have the freedom to buy them if you want! The bottom line is, nobody should make you feel bad about yourself!
Remember, empowering yourself is the only way to discover what you are capable of. It is also the only path to enjoy the freedom of being YOU!

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