Shaping a Happily Ever After!

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THIRTY YEARS and counting!

Today, staying with the same person for more than thirty years is an achievement! So, congratulations to the lovely couple – my best friend Klariz and her hubby Reden. Believe it or not, they still glow like teenagers! Well, I am a great friend so I interrogated them to spill it out! How do they keep their marriage exciting?
Top three answers:

1. Laugh!

According to Klariz, they don’t plan to attend the Oscars to receive an acting award any time soon, so they don’t need a ‘dramatic’ marriage. Yes, they do have problems, but they make sure to handle it properly! If they can laugh about it before solving it, the better! Life is too short. And besides, let’s leave great acting to Leonardo DiCaprio!

2. Date! Date! Date!

Dating your spouse should not stop after the wedding! Let’s face it; a lot of couples tend to forget about dating because of the kids or work. This should never happen! According to the lovely couple, kids will grow up and leave the house and companies will let go, but it’s the spouse who will keep the ‘ever after’ promise. The question is, “Does the spouse REALLY want to stay?” Let love sparkle! Date twice or thrice a week!

3. Unleash the Goddess!

Always look great is the last tip. When dating, they make sure they use their secret weapon against bulges and love handles. Undershirt Body Shaper for him and Firm-Control Slip shapewear for her! Well, actually they use their shapewear almost every day and anywhere. They feel sexier and more confident when using said undergarments.

Never let the marriage sizzle out! Work at it. Get to know your spouse more by dating often. Keep things light! Finally, get a shapewear and look super confident and sexy – not for your spouse, but for YOU!

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