Shapewear is the Ideal Body Slimmer


Shapewear has become increasingly popular throughout the years due to celebrity exposure and its ability to act as a body slimmer. This accessory has the ability to perform mini miracles for anyone who decides to follow the trend.

For those of you unfamiliar with shapewear, it’s a fashion accessory that was designed to minimize “problem areas” of the body. I founded Your Contour to produce comfortable fitting and effective shapewear to flatter any body type. I’ve provided five reasons why you should follow the shapewear trend to a more confident you!


  1. Reduce Your Waistline by 1-3 Inches

The midsection is one of the most common areas of concern for shapewear buyers. Wearing body shapewear has the potential to slim your abdomen by 1-3 inches. It has also been reported that if you wear the shapewear for 8-10 hours a day for 30 days, your midsection has a chance of being reduced by 1-4 inches.


  1. Provide Support for Your Bust

Shapewear that provides support for your bust is called an underbust shaper. It mimics a one-piece bathing suit, except that the top of the shapewear stops directly below your bra. With this type of shapewear, you will not only experience bust support, but also an instant lift (push-up effect) and an overall leaner and longer appearance.


  1. Reduce Stomach and Back Bulges

Our shapewear can reduce unwanted bulging when you’re wearing that favorite outfit. Once you choose one of our shapewear products, those physical insecurities will melt away and be replaced by a smooth, chic look. In the event that you’re concerned about this shapewear flattening your bottom, several specially designed shapewear will eliminate the bulges while also accentuating your glutes.


  1. Increase Thermal Activity

One of the goals of shapewear is to help promote weight loss. Some types of shapewear include a built-in weight loss support. These garments are laced with thermal latex designs that can increase thermal activity in the core and increase blood flow and moving toxins. Studies have shown this as an effective method to lose inches in the waist after long-term use.


  1. Reduce Appearance of Visible Cellulite

Treatments for reducing the appearance of cellulite can come in many forms, from surgery to wearing the proper shapewear. Anti-cellulite shapers are just as effective as any cellulite reduction surgery. This shapewear is manufactured to micro-massage the legs along with smoothing them to give them a more toned look.


I founded Your Contour in 2006 after experiencing the common frustration regarding the industrialized sizes of the shapers. We produce body slimmer shapewear that can custom fit any body type and provide confidence to those who want to appear in peak shape without obsessive dieting or exercise. We pride ourselves on our unique products and the confidence they instill in our consumers. Contact us to order your shapewear today!

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