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    Siluet PL2 Body Shaper Extra firm Postpartum Shapewear

    Especially For Surgical Procedures. e.g - Cosmetic Surgeries. Post-operative and postpartum use. Reduces inches in waist and abdomen. Removes liquids due to high compression. Accelerates desinflamation. Reduces hips, legs and arms. Lifts buttocks and enhances bustAbdomen Control, Back Support, Lower Tummy Support. High Back and  Lifts Bust. Strong Compression Powernet. Recommended: Daily Use, Post-Lipo, Post-Partum, Tummy Tuck, Shaping Girdle. Knee Length, Derriere Enhancer Laced Design. 3 Level frontal eyelet hooks closure. Reduces and maintains the firmness on your waist line. Corrects and helps your posture. Enhances the gluteus, busts, and shapes your silhouette body.  Many women wear this garment on a daily basis to tone and instantly reduce cm's on their waist, hips and legs while in use. Open Crotch convenient for bathroom use.
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    Glamore T-shape Body Briefer Arm Shaper – Long Sleeve

    Brief Arm Control Shaper = The Glamore T-Shape Body briefer!Love your body in Your Contour Glamore T shape Body Briefer - Wear Your Own Bra Glamore Tshape Body Briefer.The Glamore Tshape, is a body shaper with firm control. Perfect for smoothing out problem areas under unforgiving garments, this Shapewear body briefer offers 360-degree shaping throughout your arms, midsection and back. If you want to truncate your tummy or are seeking to slim down your curves, Your Contour Shapers is going to be your new best friend.This one-piece shapewear secures at the bottom and stays in place for all-day, all-night smoothing and shaping. It will accommodate all bodies because Your Contour has designed a shaper that rests below the bra line. That means you can choose which bra you wear. You won't have to worry about chest and waist size-mismatches, because the Glamore Tshape Body Briefer lets you personalize your shapewear experience. You'll shine with confidence when you put on the Your Contour - Wear Your Own Bra Glamore T shape Body Briefer. Add it to your intimates drawer today.