PET FASHION 101: Time to ‘PETcessorize’!

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Wanted: Model

Requirement: Must be a … Chihuahua!

Huh, come again?! Well, if you are dealing with pet fashion that’s what you will need, right?
Now, don’t think it is just a pet show! A pet FASHION show is way different from pet shows. Pet shows flaunt the pets while pet fashion shows grandstand the clothes, accessories and hairstyles!
In fact, believe it or not, there are people who are so ‘into’ pet fashion shows that they even have a Pet Fashion Week! In 2011, New York hosted the first Pet Fashion Week called the “Last Bark”. Well-known designers like Alexander Wang showed off his unique style with his own designed dog outfits.

So, why ‘accessorize’ pets?

First, it’s fun! Not to mention cute when you see the owner of the pet sashaying down the runway with the same outfit!
Second, designers get paid really well. Imagine spending almost half a million dollars for hairstyles, outfits, jewelry and other accessories for a week of pet fashion! This happened two years ago in the 2014 New York Pet Fashion Week.
And, best of all, most pet fashion shows help raise funds for pet organizations. That is the best end goal! To help the less fortunate animals have a better life. Let the designers and other pet lovers accessorize their pets all they want! We don’t see any problem as long as the grooming process is safe for the pets and the events help raise funds for animal shelters and the like.
Some folks may say that dressing up pets with crazy outfits is … well, crazy! Be as it may, pet fashion is here to stay for a long time. So, when you see people “petcessorizing” their pink Chihuahua with a yellow pedicure, a rainbow hairdo and a lot of bling bling … well, just smile and enjoy the show!

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