Moms deserve to be celebrated every day, which is why this Mother’s Day season, we’re bringing you a full month of Mom! Here at zulily, we’ve compiled an amazing group of women to help inspire your personal style or your personal journey. This week, it’s all about our zulily mompreneurs!

These inspirational women have created some of the unique, and often solution-based, products you shop every day on zulily. We feel there’s no one better to uncover great product finds than great moms who have created their very own! From classic toys, to eco-friendly lunch-packing solutions, to women’s clothing, shapewear and accessories you’ll adore these inventive and thoughtful finds, available from April 17-19. See a complete list of our participating moms below, shop their collections, and check out their personal stories from all things parenting to product creation!

Melissa Bernstein, Melissa & Doug

Cofounder, chief creative officer and mother of six Melissa credits the start of her global toy company and sense of creativity to childhood boredom. “I relied on my imagination to fill the blank canvas with magic. Now, as an adult, I start each day truly grateful, with the goal of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary in everything I do. I am fortunate to have started Melissa & Doug with my business and life partner, Doug. We’ve been together for 30-plus years, and we still eat lunch together every single day.” The passionate mom gets to impact the toy industry and change the way kids play. “I always believed that I could have it all and be both a mother and a businesswoman. Just as I’m so fortunate to be able to impact children through our mission, I feel it’s a great privilege to raise babies into thinking, feeling, passionate, giving individuals. My children remind me to not take life too seriously and to always keep that curious, wonder-filled spirit alive.” Shop their imagination inspiring traditional wooden toys.

Carola, Your Contour

After having her second child, Carola founded Your Contour, a shapewear line catering to all body shapes and sizes. “The aim of starting my company and brand was to be able to inspire others to do the same for themselves. As an immigrant entrepreneur, I strive to achieve the American dream of being in charge of my future and providing the best life possible for my family.” Carola has some wise words for fellow moms: “Stop worrying about what you want your children to be and help them find passion in something that will define who they will become.” Shop her one-of-a-kind shapewear!

Lynn and Chance, U•Konserve

Co-founders Lynn and Chance founded their reusable food container company in order to help families reduce their plastic waste. Lynn explains, “For me, being an entrepreneur means I get to use my experiences and expertise, work hard, make a difference where I feel it is important and set a good example for my children.” Chance agrees that her kids motivate her as well: “The most exciting thing about motherhood, for me, is watching their personalities evolve as they get older and the values they embrace based on their upbringing.” Shop their inventive lunch-packing solutions.

Hannah, byHannahDesign

Former special education teacher and now-mompreneur Hannah knows how important it is to strive for a balanced life. “I wanted to have a sense of purpose in my business and to build a company I’m proud of. I believe my products impact lives by preserving memories and connections among people and their loved ones. After I became a mom, I realized I needed to be driven and a role model for my son. Just seeing him smile brings me so much joy at the end of a long day.” Shop her unique, personalized jewelry!

Celeste, Celeste

Founder Celeste has always been inspired by the world of fashion, and so she started her namesake brand. “I’ve worked all my life, and I love it. Interacting with people is my favorite part of the job.” Celeste knows that being a mom — much like running a company — takes drive. “I think a myth about motherhood is that someone can just become a mom. You really must work on it with patience and lots of love.” Shop her women’s plus apparel.

Kristy and Becca, Lilac Clothing

Sisters Kristy and Becca of Lilac Clothing started their company after seeing a need for comfortable designs that fit the growing mom-to-be — and the everyday woman. “The clothing could work for all stages of a woman’s life.” Kristy explains. “I’ve loved the opportunity to help a woman look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.” Kristy is passionate about her job and knows that balancing her time is important. “My perfect day is spent with my kids. There truly isn’t anything that I treasure more than being a mother. I think all of us mamas have a common goal, and that is to raise children who are kind, smart, confident and better than ourselves.” Shop their stylish maternity clothing!


Your Contour Shapewear: Upgrading performance with Compression Garments

Stretch! Bend! Sweat!

Let’s face it, it is disheartening when, after all the stretching, bending and sweating the result you see is unsatisfactory. Maybe, it is time to get help from a friend, the compression garment. So, what are compression garments? According to scienceforsports.com, “compression garments are tight, compressive forms of clothing, often made out of elastin and nylon, which are designed to enhance recovery”. In addition to that, experts say it could also enhance the performance of athletes and fitness aficionados. Socks, legs, sleeves and tights are just a few examples of compression garments. Often people undergoing body contouring procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks use compression garments, but nowadays they are becoming a ‘gym buddy’.

Here are five benefits of compression garments:

1. Better performance :

Muscle oxygenation is crucial when exercising. Fortunately, the heart and the blood get the job done. According to experts, using compression garments while exercising accelerates the oxygenation process. The faster the blood moves; the quicker for the muscle to receive oxygen and nutrients. Consequently, once muscles are oxygenated, the body performs up to par and for a longer period.

2. Improves recovery :

According to Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist Dr. Ian Gillam, using compression garment is the closest to getting an iced bath. Gillam says, “There’s no doubt that it (compression garment) improves recovery for athletes and anybody that exercises intensely will get the same benefits because if they’re working really hard then it’s going to help them improve their recovery”. If it helps, why not try it, right?

3. Extra support :

When exercising, one cannot avoid moving vigorously. Unfortunately, excessive movement causes muscle pains or injuries. Ergo, wearing a compression garment is the answer. It compresses or tightens the muscles, thus stabilizing them. Performance gets boosted to a new level and muscle toning or building is also achieved faster.

4. Go for Cooler:

Compression garments are breathable garments due to its unique pattern as well as the materials used – nylon and spandex. The unique pattern minimizes moisture (sweat) from sticking to the body, making the garment lighter. All in all, this garment is far more superior to cotton made sports attire.

5. Lesser pain :

In doing exercise routines, pain is the name of the game. Some folks tend to give up on account of body aches. Compression garments like tights can help ease post-exercise aches. Exercise scientist Jessica Hills says, “When compression garments are worn during and after heavy exercise, they appear to reduce muscle soreness”. Furthermore, according to studies, compression garments can expedite the recovery time from muscle soreness. Keep in mind, the garment will only help ease the pain; muscle aches are always felt when the body moves a great deal.

Sometimes, improving the contour is a challenge. One needs discipline, determination as well as patience. For some, it’s a long and rocky path. Never give up! Remember what they say – no pain, no gain! Use effective tools – like compression garments – to achieve the dream.
Upgrade your performance today. Grab a compression garment, start moving and improve your contour!

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.
We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers.

Order yours today!!  www.yourcontour.com



Your Contour: Winter Fashion and Makeup Trends 2016-2017

What is a fashion masterpiece? Looking awesome from head to toe!
Yes, we know it is winter and it’s time to bundle up. Still, sometimes you need to look fabulous especially during business meetings, special dates or what not. Bear in mind, whatever season and whatever shapes , hourglass or plus-size , make fashion your passion.
Want to know how?
Here are some winter fashion and makeup trends you might want to try!


1. Go Cardigans! Not that cold? The basic garment every woman should have during autumn and winter season is a cardigan                                   .

• If you want to go casual, mix a long wool cardigan (any color) with a white curvy top and sneakers and you are good to go, Oops, bulges at the midsection? No problem. Use a tank shapewear.
• Do you want a sexier look? Use skinny jeans, heels and a trendy blouse.
• For a classy ensemble, use a black dress with a long neutral color cardigan, don’t forget the nice heels and a skinny belt to make the attire come together.
• Using some accessories like long necklaces will also make your cardigan look posh.

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips92. Stylish and warm leggings! Go for black leggings and match it with a long floral top. If it gets wintry, wear a nice short leather jacket and boots, make sure they ‘go’ the leggings.

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips-33. Cool Coats! If the cardigan is not your thing, then go for overcoats or trench coats, pick something that’s light, but warm enough. Something you can use day or night, here is a save some money tip: select a color coat that you can use with any outfit, Tan or beige, black or dark browns are the best options.

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips84. Timeless leather jackets! They can go with about anything, for that weekend relaxation, use a leather jacket with T-shirt, jeans and boots, For a more exquisite look, try a tailor-made short leather jacket, black or gray skirt, fitted blouse or shirt, black stockings and an awesome stiletto. To flatten some bulges while using a skirt, try using a body shaper.


5. A hat is a must! Well, why not make it more stylish and use what is IN today? Beanie hats! They are so comfortable and you can match them with any casual attire, Add a little ‘pop’ by using a matching scarf. It looks chic yet cozy!


1. Pucker those black lips! A little

avant-garde, but it works. So, why not give it a try? Matte or glossy plum or black lipsticks are the choices. Once you have it on, start pouting those lips! A little change is a great way to start the new season, right?

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips-makeup-32. For your eyes only! Care for some Twiggy lashes?

This style will definitely make your eyes bigger and bewitching. How to produce it? Just apply liquid liner on each eyelash – upper and lower.

3. Light and bright neon look!

Getting tired of smoky or gothic eye makeup look? Then, it’s time to go for neon colors, imagine splashing hues like metallic turquoise and neon green on your eyelids, a tantalizing style that needs some getting used to, don’t say no without trying it first!

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips-makeup-24. Bleach those brows!

There is only way to describe this trend – wild! If you want to stand out, this is one way to do it, Bleached brows or ‘invisibrow’ are proudly worn by Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and a bunch of supermodels, Care to join the club?

Looking stylish during cold seasons should never be a problem, all it takes is to buy a few essentials and do some outfit mixing and matching. Of course, don’t forget your makeup rudiments.
In fashion, having fun is the name of the game. However, more importantly, you must look confident with whatever you’re wearing. To do that, you have to love your asset – your contour!


Your Contour’s line of body shapewear

targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.
We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers.

Order yours today!!  www.yourcontour.com





Sounds nice, right? But, here is the thing, having a pet entails two things – commitment and responsibility! Are you ready to become a pet parent?
Now before you say yes, here are some basic information about the top three pet choices – dogs, cats and aquatic pets. Read, learn and then decide!

For Dogs:

They are cute and cuddly. A man’s best friend! However, there are a few things you should know about them. Here are some facts –
• According to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), there are 340 dog breeds all over the world. What breed would you like? Remember, each one has their own temperament. Some are great with kids or babies while others are not. There are also ‘indoor’ dogs and ‘outdoor’ dogs. Some breeds could trigger allergies. All in all, research must first be done before buying or adopting a canine buddy. Pick a dog and learn everything about it.
• The ‘level of care’ for each breed varies. For instance, the level of care when it comes to grooming the Sharpei dog is high. You need to make sure their folded or excess skins get regular attention to avoid diseases.
• Whatever size or breed, all dogs need exercise. Can you spare a few hours each week to walk or play with the dog? Obviously, putting your dog inside a cage 24/7 is not a solution.
• Like humans, dogs also need medical and dental checkups. Aside from that, toys and other basic needs must also be provided. Can you afford them?

For Cats:

If dogs are not your cup of tea, then maybe you can try caring for cats. Here are some cat facts.
• The International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance (IPCBA) recently reported that as of 2016, there are 73 different types of cats. Which would you pick?
• If a family member has allergies, make sure to get a ‘hypoallergenic’ cat. Top three choices are the Balinese, Oriental Shorthair and Javanese.
• Not all cats are laid-back. Bengal cats, for instance, are extremely active and may need some companion to play with. Persian cats, a popular choice, are easier to deal with.
• Adult cats are calmer, less rambunctious than kittens. These young creatures are the cutest, but kittens are full of energy and may need a lot of supervision. If you don’t have the time or the energy to ‘teach’ them not to scratch things, go for an adult cat.

For aquatic pets:

Do you want a pet that is always quiet and will never leave their home? Then, choose aquatic pets. Before buying one, here are some things you should know.
• Some aquatic pets need more ‘TLC’ – tender loving care! Not all fish are low-maintenance. The goldfish, for instance, are very popular pets because they look awesome inside an aquarium, but they are very prone to white spot illnesses.
• There are also ‘bully’ fish. If you want a ‘mixed’ aquarium, research the kind of fish that could live together. According to website fishchannel.com, some ‘bully’ fish are the Tiger Barb, Chinese Algae-eater and Angelfish. They can ‘nip’ and kill other fish in the aquarium so careful with the mixture.
• The best aquarium should hold five gallons of water. Moreover, an extensive filter system is also needed to make sure the aquatic pets have a safe, clean water supply all the time.
• Cleaning the aquarium is important. Even with high-tech systems, aquariums can still have high pH levels, nitrate and ammonia that could kill aquatic pets. So, test the water at least once a month. If positive with toxic compounds, then it is time for some cleaning and changing.

There you have it, some tips for the top three pet choices. Of course, there are other animals to choose from like birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, snakes, etc. The bottom line is — If you want to get the right pet for the family, do three things first – Read. Ask. Learn. Happy choosing!

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear

targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.
We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Order yours today!! Read more →


Your Contour: Body Toning 101

Your Contour shapping 101 blog

Jennifer Lopez … David Beckham … Miranda Kerr … Bradley Cooper …

Aside from fame, what’s the common denominator of these stars? It boils down to two words – TONED BODIES! According to bodybuilding.com, one has a ‘toned’ body if it is firm with muscular definition and shape. Well, these guys have IT and they look great at any angle!

So, you want to have that ‘perfect’ contour too? Go for it! Keep in mind, these stars were NOT born with toned bodies, they worked hard to get in shape. And, if they can do it, we all can too!
So, let’s start from the top, shall we? Here are some ideas.


Obviously, eating the right food is on top of the list. There are many diet plans one can choose from these days. Some would try the low-carb diet or the low-fat diet, while others would go for vegetarian diets. We won’t recommend a specific method because there is no such thing as a ‘one-size fits all’ diet plan. It is best to go to medical doctors and ask them. Diet plan recommendations from doctors are safer because they study the medical condition of patients. Finally, when it comes to food, TV Chef /Author Julia Child has the best advice “Moderation. Small helpings. Sample a little bit of everything. These are the secrets of happiness and good health.”


If you want to get that toned or sculpted body the natural way, then you don’t have a choice but to exercise. Here are some simple reminders:
• If you are not sure how to start, ask for some help. You can research credible websites or talk to gym trainers in your community.
• The fastest way to get that toned body is to sign up in a gym. Simply because they have the machines to ‘sculpt’ every each of your body. Of course, you can do the simple exercises like deep squats or swan dives at home too.

• If possible, invest in some exercise materials. Purchase 3-5 pound dumbbells, exercise mat, comfortable shoes and some exercise clothes.
• To make things fun, why not invite a friend to become your exercise/gym buddy? Time will move faster and, maybe, because of the friendly chats you won’t notice the ‘pain’!
• Exercise can give you more than a muscular shape. Bear in mind these words of Nelson Mandela, “I have always believed that exercise is the key not only to physical health, but to peace of mind as well.”


Sometimes, dieting and exercising isn’t enough to get that perfect ‘toned’ body. Body contouring surgery is another option to finally get rid of the excess fat and skin. There’s liposuction, Pec implants, tummy tuck, and body lift surgery. Clearly, good physical health is a must from candidates of surgeries.


You have done the dieting and the exercising, but the excess skin or fat still makes you conscious. So, what now? Well, if surgery is not an option, then go for the easy and safe one – use Shapewear garments! Don’t worry, Hollywood stars also use them. Shapewear products easily hides ‘excess stuff’ like flabby arms, love handles, back fat and muffin tops in a matter of seconds. And, best of all, there are Shapewear products for both women AND men! Purchase one today!
Remember, ‘toned’ bodies are not just for the rich and famous. We all can look great! Get going! The faster you start, the faster to flaunt your contour!

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear,

Targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.
We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Order yours today!!

Your Contour: Three Reasons Why Men Should Use Shapewear

Your Contour Men Shapewear Blog
Shapewear for men?! Well, why not?

Today, the word “sexy” is used to describe both genders. Moreover, some would define sexy as acquiring hourglass shaped bodies and six-pack Abs. Perhaps that’s why many women swoon over the ‘yummylicous’ contour of Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds and David Beckham. They look so hunky, right?
On the other hand, what if it is just an ‘ordinary’ guy? That would mean a guy with some love handles or belly fat or maybe some flabby arms too? Truth be told, but some women don’t give these guys a second glance.

What’s the solution? A few would go to the extremes and go under the knife just to get the six-pack they are dreaming of. Some would be more health conscious, meaning they would go on a strict diet and exercise to look fit. Obviously, the second choice is better.

However, what if after the ‘transformation’ some flabs are still obvious? Well, that is when men have to ‘tuck it in’ using some Shapewear products!
To convince men to use it, here are some benefits:

1. Great shape in a second!

Putting on a Shapewear, like the Slimming Undershirt Body Shaper, will make flabs ‘disappear’. Thanks to the dual layer technology of this product, the chest, hip, back and stomach area will look ‘tucked in’! You will look slimmer and more athletic-looking in no time! No need to hold your breath just to get the flat tummy look. Just put the shaper on and do whatever you need to do.

2. Man Boobs,

be gone! According to the Cleveland Clinic Journal of Medicine, fifty percent of American men face the condition called gynecomastia or man boobs. To ‘solve’ the problem, some men will get medical treatments or may just altogether avoid using fitted shirts. Moreover, there are guys who would tape their ‘boobs’ to look more flat. According to experts, the condition is not harmful physically, but it can really cause low self-esteem. If the condition is a mild one, proper diet and daily exercise are the best solutions. In addition, while getting rid of man boobs, using a body shaper will help boost self- confidence.

3. Use it for any occasion!

Shapewear products are not just for special occasions like dates or big formal events. Looking good is achievable any time! For instance, use an Arm Shapewear Compression every day to make flabby arms ‘disappear’. You will get shapely arms to boost your self-esteem while flexing those muscles!

Remember, it is now widely accepted for men to use shapewear products.

They are not only for women.

According to makemeheal.com, even 52-year-old Brad Pitt is rumored to be using shapewear garment to ‘tuck in’ his midsection. Don’t hate your body when you know you can do something about it. Get rid of love handles or belly fat or flabby arms the easiest, safest and fastest way. Grab the right shapewear garment and look breathtaking always!
For Men’s Shapewear product details, click here!

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear

targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.
We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Order yours today!!


Your Contour Mature women sking care blog


However, when you start to get some wrinkles, flabby arms and belly fat, life can get a little self-conscious.

It’s crazy to think you can still look like an 18-year-old sexy magnet when you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s. Unfortunately, some mature women go to the extreme by having some surgeries or injecting Botox just to look ‘forever young’.

Ladies, ACCEPTANCE is the key to a happy life. You need to accept that your 20-year-old body is ‘gone’! Right now, the thing you can do is to get some skin care, exercise and simply target a HEALTHY body and skin.

Here are some exercise and skin care tips you can use.

1. Take things easy!

“It hurts!” Do you say that line while doing exhausting aerobics or Zumba moves? Or when you are in the gym using some machines? Well, maybe it is time to change your routine and choose the ‘lighter side’ of exercise. Some older women shift to yoga, Pilates or simply brisk walking. They are easier, but they are very effective in toning flabby arms and getting rid of belly fat. In fact, verywell.com reveals that walking for 30 minutes for seven days can burn almost 3000 calories. A half-hour walk will cover 2.5 to 3.3 kilometers. Aside from burning calories, walking will also improve metabolism.

Tip: Join the Pokémon Go craze too! It’s the fun way to lose some pounds. Ask your kids or grandkids about it.

2. Flex it!

Don’t wait for your ‘exercise time’ before you start flexing those muscles. In the kitchen waiting for the water to boil? Start stretching your arms and legs! In the TV room watching a favorite program? Start side bending! It’s only for a few minutes, but it will help relax your muscles.
Tip: While having a meal or some snacks; flex your lower leg muscles by pointing your toes downwards and upwards a few times.

Skin Care:

1. Morning and nighttime routine:

Sometimes, wrinkles happen because the skin is dry. Older women should never forget to moisturize every day. Wash your face in the morning with a creamy moisturizing cleanser followed by some serums loaded with vitamin C or E and then use sunscreen with SPF30. End the day by removing your makeup and washing your face with the moisturizing cleanser. Finally, put some retinol cream.

Tip: Use products intended for your age level.

2. Healthy is wise:

It’s time to seriously use the word MODERATION! You don’t need to abruptly stop eating things you love; you just need to lessen them. So, instead of one whole chocolate bar, just gulp one small piece. Instead of drinking a big glass of cola, just have a sip. Satisfy your cravings, don’t go overboard!

Tip: Have more fruits and vegetables on your plate every meal.

That’s about it, some easy exercise and skin care tips for older women. Remember, you don’t need to go to surgeons or use dangerous pills to look great. Just have a regular skin care regimen and daily exercises.

Finally, if you still have some love handles or flabby arms and are conscious about them, then hide them the safest and easiest way – purchase some Shapewear products!

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear

Targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.
We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Order yours today!!


Your Contour Back to school blog

“Do I really have to go back to school?”

Have you ever heard kids utter those words?

Well, you can’t blame them. After a fantastic summer break, it is hard to return to the same old routine. Homework, exams, projects – the list can go on and on! That’s why parents and teachers must come up with some motivating ‘strategies’.

To make things easier, here are some suggestions!

For Parents:

Return to school ‘get –together’

Most kids have a ‘love-hate’ relationship with summer break. They love the idea of no homework or waking up early, but they also hate it because they will miss their friends. So, to motivate them to return to school, why not plan for a short ‘get-together’ party a day or two before the school opens? For sure, they will do a lot of chit-chatting during that ‘party’, but it is not going to be enough. They would want to have more ‘talk time’ and that’s when you can say, “Don’t worry, school will be open soon!” Tricky idea, right?

Something new, something nice

Showing a new item to friends is a great way to start a new school year. A new bag or sneakers? A new toy? It doesn’t really matter what the items are going to be. It does not even have to be an expensive item. Just remember that new ‘stuff’ symbolizes a new start!

For Teachers:

Summer break picture collage

It is difficult to catch the attention of kids who are still in the summer break mode. Well, why not use it to your advantage. Teachers should come up with ‘summer break inspired’ assignments! Ask your students to produce a picture collage with the theme “What I did last summer!” Once made, they can show it in class. Let them have a few minutes to describe their awesome summer fun adventure!

‘Peek-a-Boo’ activities

Here is a simple tip for all teachers

Lecturing outright is boring! Make the first day interesting for kids. If possible, show them the lesson plan and let them have a bird’s eye view of the different exciting activities the class will be doing the whole term. Moreover, ask the kids for activity suggestions!

The four strategies are so easy, right? Remember, kids will hate school if it is all about assignments, book reports, exams, grades and medals. Don’t rush them! According to parenting stress expert and author Lori Lite, “A rushed child is never a calm child”. Let the kids enjoy learning, but most of all, let them ENJOY LIFE!

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear

Targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.
We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Order yours today!!









your contour shapewear mosquitoes blogs

Mosquito bites are the itchy bumps that appear after mosquitoes use their mouthparts to puncture your skin and feed on your blood. The bump usually clears up on its own in a few days. Occasionally a mosquito bite causes a large area of swelling, soreness and redness. This type of reaction, most common in children, is sometimes referred to as skeeter syndrome.
Bites from mosquitoes carrying certain viruses or parasites can cause severe illness. Infected mosquitoes in many parts of the world transmit West Nile virus to humans. Other mosquito-borne infections include Yellow Fever, Zika Virus, Malaria and some types of brain infection (encephalitis).

Mosquito bite signs include:
• A puffy, white and reddish bump that appears a few minutes after the bite
• A hard, itchy, reddish-brown bump, or multiple bumps, appearing a day or so after the bite or bites
• Small blisters instead of hard bumps
• Dark spots that look like bruises
More-severe reactions may be experienced by children, adults not previously exposed to the type of mosquito that bit them, and people with immune system disorders. In these people, mosquito bites sometimes trigger:
• A large area of swelling and redness
• Low-grade fever
• Hives
• Swollen lymph nodes
Children are more likely to develop a severe reaction than are adults, because many adults have had mosquito bites throughout their lives and become desensitized.

When to see a doctor:
If mosquito bites seem to be associated with more-serious warning signs — such as fever, headache, body aches and signs of infection — contact your doctor.

Mosquito bites are caused by female mosquitoes feeding on your blood. Female mosquitoes have a mouthpart made to pierce skin and siphon off blood. Males lack this blood-sucking ability because they don’t produce eggs and so have no need for protein in blood.

As a biting mosquito fills itself with blood, it injects saliva into your skin. Proteins in the saliva trigger a mild immune system reaction that results in the characteristic itching and bump.
Mosquitoes select their victims by evaluating scent, exhaled carbon dioxide and the chemicals in a person’s sweat.

Scratching bites can lead to infection.
Mosquitoes can carry certain diseases, such as West Nile Virus, Malaria, Yellow Fever, Zika Virus and Dengue fever. The mosquito obtains a virus or parasite by biting an infected person or animal. Then, when biting you, the mosquito can transfer that virus or parasite to you through its saliva. West Nile and encephalitis viruses are found in the United States. Dengue fever has been reported in several southern states and Hawaii. Other diseases, such as Malaria, Zika Virus and Yellow Fever, are far more common in tropical areas of the world.

Preparing for your appointment:
You won’t need to see your doctor for a mosquito bite, unless you develop a fever or other signs and symptoms that sometimes develop after such bites.
Here’s some information to help you get ready for your appointment.

What you can do:
Before your appointment make a list of:
• Symptoms you’ve been having and for how long
• All medications, vitamins and supplements you take, including the doses
• Questions to ask your doctor
If you’re having signs and symptoms you think might be related to a mosquito bite, some basic questions to ask your doctor include:
• What can I do to stop the itch?
• Is the area around my mosquito bite infected?
• Does the medication you’re prescribing have any side effects?
• How will I know if I need additional care?

What you can do in the meantime
If itching is a problem, an over-the-counter antihistamine (Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton, others) may help.

Tests and diagnosis:
Doctors can usually identify mosquito bites by sight.
The red, itchy, painful swelling referred to as skeeter syndrome is sometimes mistaken for a secondary bacterial infection brought on by scratching and broken skin. Skeeter syndrome is actually the result of an allergic reaction to proteins in mosquito saliva. There’s no simple blood test to detect mosquito antibodies in blood, so mosquito allergy is diagnosed by determining whether the large, red areas of swelling and itching occurred after you were bitten by mosquitoes.

Lifestyle and home remedies:
Most mosquito bites stop itching and heal on their own in a few days. These self-care tips may make you more comfortable.
• Apply a lotion, cream or paste. Putting calamine lotion or nonprescription hydrocortisone cream on the bite can help ease the itch. Or try dabbing the bite with a paste made of baking soda and water. Reapply several times daily until your symptoms go away.
• Apply a cool compress. Try soothing the bite by applying a cold pack or a cool, moist cloth for a few minutes.
• Take an oral antihistamine. For stronger reactions, try taking a nonprescription antihistamine (Benadryl, Chlor-Trimeton, others).

You can take several steps to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Avoid and exclude mosquitoes
Limit exposure to mosquitoes by:
• Avoiding outdoor activities when they’re most active, dusk to dawn
• Repairing any tears in the screens on your windows, doors and camping gear
• Using mosquito netting over strollers and cribs or when sleeping outdoors

Use insect repellent
The most effective insect repellents in the United States include one of three active ingredients:
• Icaridin (also called picaridin)
• Oil of lemon eucalyptus (a plant-based compound)
These repellents temporarily repel mosquitoes and ticks. DEET may offer longer lasting protection. Whichever product you choose, read the label before you apply it. If you’re using a spray repellent, apply it outdoors and away from food.
If you’re also using sunscreen, put it on first, about 20 minutes before applying the repellent. Avoid products that combine sunscreen and repellent, because you’ll likely need to reapply sunscreen more often than repellent. And it’s better to use only as much repellent as you need.
Used according to package directions, these products are generally safe for children and adults, with a few exceptions:
• Don’t use DEET-containing products on infants younger than 2 months.
• Don’t let young children get DEET or icaridin-containing products on their hands or faces.
• Don’t use oil of lemon eucalyptus on children under age 3 years.
• Don’t apply repellent under clothing.
• Don’t apply repellent over sunburns, cuts, wounds or rashes.
• When you go indoors, wash with soap and water to remove any remaining repellent.

Treat clothing and outdoor gear
Permethrin is an insecticide and insect repellent used for additional protection. This product is applied to clothing and outdoor gear, not skin. Check the product label for specific application instructions. Some sporting goods stores sell clothing pretreated with permethrin.

Use protective clothing and gear
Weather permitting, wear:
• Long sleeves
• Socks and closed-toe shoes
• Long pants, possibly tucked into the tops of your socks
• Light colors
• A hat that protects your ears and neck or one with mosquito netting that covers your face

Take preventive medication
If you tend to have large or severe reactions to mosquito bites (skeeter syndrome), consider taking a nondrowsy, nonprescription antihistamine when you know you’ll be exposed to mosquitoes

Reduce mosquitoes around your home
Eliminate standing water, which mosquitoes need to breed. To keep your house and yard free of mosquito pools:
• Unclog roof gutters.
• Empty children’s wading pools at least once a week, and preferably more often.
• Change water in birdbaths at least weekly.
• Get rid of old tires in your yard.
• Empty outdoor flower pots regularly or store them upside down so that they can’t collect water.
• Drain your fire pit if water collects there.


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