Holiday calorie counting dilemma? There is always Your Contour!

Your Contour: Let’s NOT count the ways!

“Scrumptious!” … “Have another bite!” … Can I have some more?”

Ever heard or said these words during the holidays? Unfortunately, if you are apprehensive to ‘destroy’ your contour by adding some pounds; or if you started a calorie counting program, then holidays might NOT be the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

For sure, you have heard of calorie counting apps to make tallying child’s play. But, do you REALLY want to compute before savoring a piece of delicious pumpkin pie? Or, before taking a sip of your mom’s special eggnog? Yep, I think not!

Consequently, aside from not being enjoyable, calorie counting can produce a different outcome – gain a few more pounds! Ergo, tallying everything you eat is not for everyone.

Try these simple tips instead:

  1. Say no to second servings! Try every single foodstuff served, but only in small portions. If and when you want a second serving, go for fruits or vegetables.


  1. Work a workout! Going on holidays doesn’t mean eating 24/7, right? Insert a little hiking or jogging here and there. Instead of driving to visit a family member a few blocks away, why not walk? You will lose some calories and you won’t feel guilty when they offer some snacks.


  1. More Water please! Before enjoying a holiday banquet, drink lots of water. This will lessen your food intake. Food experts say that water has zero calories. Furthermore, Donna Logan, a registered dietitian at the University of Texas added that, “drinking water may help replace or avoid unnecessary food calories found in snacks or extra servings at mealtime”.


  1. Just Shapewear it! If you do gain a few pounds during the festivities, don’t have a meltdown. Just add a few more workouts to lose those added calories. While you are at it, use Shapewear products like arm shapers or body shapers to speed up the process of improving your contour!

Finally, the most important tip – Have fun during the holidays! Don’t stress about things that you CAN change sooner or later. If you need to count, count your blessings!

Happy festivities from Your Contour!


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