Foods to Help Reduce Bloating

ShapewearDepending on where you live, you may have already busted out your spring wardrobe or you might still be fantasizing about warm temperatures to come. For many, warm weather clothing is more form fitting than cozy winter sweaters. But everyone has days when baggy pajamas sounds much more appealing than a fitted suit or dress. Bloating can often ruin how you feel in your favorite outfit and might also lower your self-confidence for the day.

But did you know that there are foods that will help ease your bloating? Take a pro-active approach to preventing bloating by incorporating these foods into your daily diet. And remember, Your Contour is here to help you look and feel your best. Our lines of body shapewear are both comfortable and fashionable looking. We carry both women’s and men’s shapewear to meet your most every need.

Water with Lemon: When your body retains water (i.e. start to bloat), it is doing so in order to avoid dehydration. Therefore, you should drink more fluids rather than cut back when you begin to feel bloated. Lemons are a natural diuretic and a gentle laxative when combined with warm water, thus helping to reduce the amount of salt that is retained in your body. Tip: Drink from the glass rather than a straw to avoid taking in excess air.

Celery: This veggie has a history of being used as a digestive aid for regulating bowel movements and controlling gas. The natural chemicals in celery are known to decrease your retention of fluids and help get rid of your body’s toxins. Other veggies to include in your meals are leafy greens, summer squash, parsley and cucumbers.

Watermelon: Not only is this juicy fruit incredibly refreshing on a hot day, watermelon also provides a great balance potassium and sodium, which is beneficial to controlling bloating.

Turmeric & Rosemary: Generally thought of as simply adding taste to a dish, turmeric and rosemary both hold properties that can help deflate your belly. Turmeric has long been used in Asia for inflammation and pain and is thought to help ease unsettled stomachs and reduce bloating. Rosemary has been utilized for a wide range of ailments, including gas and digestive troubles. Try incorporating a little spice or herb into your favorite meals!

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