Your Contour: Winter Fashion and Makeup Trends 2016-2017


Your Contour: Winter Fashion and Makeup Trends 2016-2017

What is a fashion masterpiece? Looking awesome from head to toe!
Yes, we know it is winter and it’s time to bundle up. Still, sometimes you need to look fabulous especially during business meetings, special dates or what not. Bear in mind, whatever season and whatever shapes , hourglass or plus-size , make fashion your passion.
Want to know how?
Here are some winter fashion and makeup trends you might want to try!


1. Go Cardigans! Not that cold? The basic garment every woman should have during autumn and winter season is a cardigan .

• If you want to go casual, mix a long wool cardigan (any color) with a white curvy top and sneakers and you are good to go, Oops, bulges at the midsection? No problem. Use a tank shapewear.
• Do you want a sexier look? Use skinny jeans, heels and a trendy blouse.
• For a classy ensemble, use a black dress with a long neutral color cardigan, don’t forget the nice heels and a skinny belt to make the attire come together.
• Using some accessories like long necklaces will also make your cardigan look posh.

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips92. Stylish and warm leggings! Go for black leggings and match it with a long floral top. If it gets wintry, wear a nice short leather jacket and boots, make sure they ‘go’ the leggings.

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips-33. Cool Coats! If the cardigan is not your thing, then go for overcoats or trench coats, pick something that’s light, but warm enough. Something you can use day or night, here is a save some money tip: select a color coat that you can use with any outfit, Tan or beige, black or dark browns are the best options.

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips84. Timeless leather jackets! They can go with about anything, for that weekend relaxation, use a leather jacket with T-shirt, jeans and boots, For a more exquisite look, try a tailor-made short leather jacket, black or gray skirt, fitted blouse or shirt, black stockings and an awesome stiletto. To flatten some bulges while using a skirt, try using a body shaper.


5. A hat is a must! Well, why not make it more stylish and use what is IN today? Beanie hats! They are so comfortable and you can match them with any casual attire, Add a little ‘pop’ by using a matching scarf. It looks chic yet cozy!


1. Pucker those black lips! A little

avant-garde, but it works. So, why not give it a try? Matte or glossy plum or black lipsticks are the choices. Once you have it on, start pouting those lips! A little change is a great way to start the new season, right?

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips-makeup-32. For your eyes only! Care for some Twiggy lashes?

This style will definitely make your eyes bigger and bewitching. How to produce it? Just apply liquid liner on each eyelash – upper and lower.

3. Light and bright neon look!

Getting tired of smoky or gothic eye makeup look? Then, it’s time to go for neon colors, imagine splashing hues like metallic turquoise and neon green on your eyelids, a tantalizing style that needs some getting used to, don’t say no without trying it first!

your-contour-shapewear-winter-fashion-tips-makeup-24. Bleach those brows!

There is only way to describe this trend – wild! If you want to stand out, this is one way to do it, Bleached brows or ‘invisibrow’ are proudly worn by Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and a bunch of supermodels, Care to join the club?

Looking stylish during cold seasons should never be a problem, all it takes is to buy a few essentials and do some outfit mixing and matching. Of course, don’t forget your makeup rudiments.
In fashion, having fun is the name of the game. However, more importantly, you must look confident with whatever you’re wearing. To do that, you have to love your asset – your contour!


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