Your Contour – shapewear from me to you.

Three years ago, I began Your Contour over frustration with shapewear. I had recently given birth to my third baby girl and was battling the pregnancy weight-gain by using lackluster products that were extremely uncomfortable or simply didn’t work! Having owned a small clothing factory in Chile years ago, I had experience with design and manufacturing and set out to attempt to design garments that would help me through the 2 year journey that would restore my previous figure.

With friends and family noticing my drastic transformation, many began to request versions of the shapewear I had created. After making one-too-many copies I realized I had a new business unfolding in front of me. I began designing custom shapewear and focusing on areas I had problems with, my upper arms (arm shapers) and waist (cinchers). This quickly blossomed as I met other women in need who had recently undergone reconstructive (breast implants, gastric bypass, cosmetic surgery) and oncological (lymphectomy / lymphedema, mastectomy) procedures that needed compressive shapewear to assure less complications and side effects.

As my business grew, I began to realize that I had customers I never imagined and that I could change their lives. These constant occurrences made me realize a new purpose. The shapewear that were once purely cosmetic made me feel fulfilled as I helped people realize their inner beauty. My shapewear became garments that have helped women recover from surgery and illness.

Now, with every step, I am working on creating beautiful shapewear in a variety of colors and fabrics that will express the sexiness, confidence, and happiness that every woman should feel. I hope that with my work I can plant one of the many seeds that will bloom and help women worldwide to overcome the sometimes traumatic and painful experiences we endure in life and become empowered, stronger women.



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