Your Contour: Warm up with Style!

Winter is coming! Are you ready?

When it comes to fashion, winter time is challenging. Sometimes, you need to choose. Either to look fabulous and feel the biting chills. Or, bundle up and look like a big sack of potatoes. Obviously, women would prefer looking fabulous AND feeling warm at the same time.

Is it possible? You bet!

According to fashion gurus, the number one trick to keep warm during the winter is to do layering. This is when you wear garments on top of each other. When you use this trick, keep in mind the word ‘style’ – the right color and look combination!

Additionally, aside from T-shirts, sweaters and jackets, another warming garment that women could use are shapewear products. Designed using temperature regulating technology, shapewears can do two things — contour your body and warm you up.

So, if you want to raise the temperature while sashaying during the coldest season, grab these two warming underlayers.

  1. Shaping camisole — Fashion experts say that turtlenecks are always ‘in’ when winter is around. Wear it with skinny jeans, boots, a coat or jacket, and you are good to go! Bella and Gigi Hadid nailed this look! But, what if you’re still cold or not confident enough to wear fitted turtlenecks because of flabby arms or midsection bulges? Well, simply use a shaping camisole with arm control shapewear as a warming underlayer! Keep firm your contour while enjoying the extra warmth.


  1. Shapewear legging — Using your favorite skinny jeans during winter will never be a problem if you have this ‘secret weapon’. Here is the trick: wear a high waist long leg slimmer shapewear legging under your skinny jeans. That way you hit two birds with one stone — you will look slimmer and at the same time feel warm and toasty!


That’s it! Be in style, but keep warm. Always take extra effort to enhance your contour whatever the season. Take it from British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, “Fashion is very important. It is life-enhancing and, like everything that gives pleasure, it is worth doing well.”

Your Contour’s line of body shapewear targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.

We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Contact us and order your body shapewear today!

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