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Not too keen on showing some bulges?

That’s okay. Here are some fashion tips to make you look awesome this summer – curves and all!

1. Comfort First

When looking for a summer outfit, remember one simple rule – BE COMFORTABLE! Let’s start with the fabric. Avoid using synthetic fabrics like polyester. They will only make you do one thing – sweat! The fabric will cling to your curves big time when you perspire. Uncomfortable? You bet! If you want to stay fresh while the temperature sizzles, then go for cotton! Outfits made of cotton will make you feel ‘lighter’ and for sure, you won’t sweat that much.

2. Printed and Colorful

Still hiding your curves with the all-black outfit? Well, it’s time for a change! Try using bright color fabrics or those with printed patterns. You can start slow by just using a bright-colored or printed blouse with your dark-colored denim pants or slacks. Using dark colors will balance the bright colors you have chosen. Moreover, if you want your contour to stand out, use some shapewear products.

3. Go for Shorts

What? Shorts for curvy women? Yes, by all means. Bermuda, Capri, cargo, cuffed, flat front and cutoff shorts are just a few styles to choose from. Make sure you’re comfortable with your choice and to match it with a nice shirt or blouse. Having a great pair of legs is a plus too!

4. Get Loose

Tight tank tops may look like a summer outfit and it may show off your curves, but it can also make you sweat and experience some underarm chafing. Ouch! Why not choose a breezy halter top instead? They won’t cling to your body once the heat goes up. Halter tops is not just comfortable, it can also be SO sexy!

5. Water Adventure Standout

Planning to go for a swim this summer? Go for it! Don’t let your shape become the problem. Remember, there are swimsuits that can accentuate those curves or bulges. Don’t settle for loose t-shirts and baggy shorts. They are NOT swimwear outfits! Go for High-Waisted swimsuit, Halter-Tankini top, Asymmetrical Tankini or One-Piece Halter Dress. Here is a simple trick – get mix-and-match swimsuits! Using the same ‘old’ swimsuit the entire summer is a bummer. So, shop for a few pairs and start mixing!

6. Add Pizzazz

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s a bit uncomfortable to walk around using just a swimsuit. Thank goodness, they ‘invented’ cover-ups! The best thing about cover ups are the different styles and colors. Here are some choices – Empire Tunic, Chiffon Caftan, Crossback Tunic, Tassel Poncho and Bandeau Caftan. These cover ups will add mystery to your swimsuit!

Some curvy women tend to hate summer not because of the heat, but because they cannot wear ‘sexy’ outfits. They hide their shape under oversize, dull and boring sack-like clothing the entire season. Yes, you have some ‘flaws’, but so what? You CAN still make some heads turn by choosing the right clothes that will flatter your shape. Let the words of plus-size model Denise Bidot be your mantra – “Be you and rock this world!”

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