By Mom, For Mom: A Month-Long Celebration of Motherhood

Moms deserve to be celebrated every day, which is why this Mother’s Day season, we’re bringing you a full month of Mom! Here at zulily, we’ve compiled an amazing group of women to help inspire your personal style or your personal journey. This week, it’s all about our zulily mompreneurs!

These inspirational women have created some of the unique, and often solution-based, products you shop every day on zulily. We feel there’s no one better to uncover great product finds than great moms who have created their very own! From classic toys, to eco-friendly lunch-packing solutions, to women’s clothing, shapewear and accessories you’ll adore these inventive and thoughtful finds, available from April 17-19. See a complete list of our participating moms below, shop their collections, and check out their personal stories from all things parenting to product creation!

Melissa Bernstein, Melissa & Doug

Cofounder, chief creative officer and mother of six Melissa credits the start of her global toy company and sense of creativity to childhood boredom. “I relied on my imagination to fill the blank canvas with magic. Now, as an adult, I start each day truly grateful, with the goal of finding the extraordinary in the ordinary in everything I do. I am fortunate to have started Melissa & Doug with my business and life partner, Doug. We’ve been together for 30-plus years, and we still eat lunch together every single day.” The passionate mom gets to impact the toy industry and change the way kids play. “I always believed that I could have it all and be both a mother and a businesswoman. Just as I’m so fortunate to be able to impact children through our mission, I feel it’s a great privilege to raise babies into thinking, feeling, passionate, giving individuals. My children remind me to not take life too seriously and to always keep that curious, wonder-filled spirit alive.” Shop their imagination inspiring traditional wooden toys.

Carola, Your Contour

After having her second child, Carola founded Your Contour, a shapewear line catering to all body shapes and sizes. “The aim of starting my company and brand was to be able to inspire others to do the same for themselves. As an immigrant entrepreneur, I strive to achieve the American dream of being in charge of my future and providing the best life possible for my family.” Carola has some wise words for fellow moms: “Stop worrying about what you want your children to be and help them find passion in something that will define who they will become.” Shop her one-of-a-kind shapewear!

Lynn and Chance, U•Konserve

Co-founders Lynn and Chance founded their reusable food container company in order to help families reduce their plastic waste. Lynn explains, “For me, being an entrepreneur means I get to use my experiences and expertise, work hard, make a difference where I feel it is important and set a good example for my children.” Chance agrees that her kids motivate her as well: “The most exciting thing about motherhood, for me, is watching their personalities evolve as they get older and the values they embrace based on their upbringing.” Shop their inventive lunch-packing solutions.

Hannah, byHannahDesign

Former special education teacher and now-mompreneur Hannah knows how important it is to strive for a balanced life. “I wanted to have a sense of purpose in my business and to build a company I’m proud of. I believe my products impact lives by preserving memories and connections among people and their loved ones. After I became a mom, I realized I needed to be driven and a role model for my son. Just seeing him smile brings me so much joy at the end of a long day.” Shop her unique, personalized jewelry!

Celeste, Celeste

Founder Celeste has always been inspired by the world of fashion, and so she started her namesake brand. “I’ve worked all my life, and I love it. Interacting with people is my favorite part of the job.” Celeste knows that being a mom — much like running a company — takes drive. “I think a myth about motherhood is that someone can just become a mom. You really must work on it with patience and lots of love.” Shop her women’s plus apparel.

Kristy and Becca, Lilac Clothing

Sisters Kristy and Becca of Lilac Clothing started their company after seeing a need for comfortable designs that fit the growing mom-to-be — and the everyday woman. “The clothing could work for all stages of a woman’s life.” Kristy explains. “I’ve loved the opportunity to help a woman look as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.” Kristy is passionate about her job and knows that balancing her time is important. “My perfect day is spent with my kids. There truly isn’t anything that I treasure more than being a mother. I think all of us mamas have a common goal, and that is to raise children who are kind, smart, confident and better than ourselves.” Shop their stylish maternity clothing!

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