Arm Shapewear for Stunning Winter Wardrobes

ARMore Secrecy Powernet Arm Shaper – Long Sleeve Arm Shapewear frontDays are growing shorter, and temperatures are starting to take a nosedive. The time has come to pull your favorite sweaters, long sleeve shirts and dresses from storage. But as often is the case, a change in season triggers new wardrobe challenges. Many of us become self-conscious that long sleeves emphasize our less than ideal arms. (Sadly, we can’t all have sculpted arms like Holly Hunter and Jada Pinkett Smith.) The good news is that Your Contour carries a line of long-sleeved arm shapewear to match that fabulous winter wardrobe.

Available in up to 11 shades (dependent on style) that include black, nude, blue and lime, our long sleeve arm shape wear looks sleek and is comfortable to wear. But Your Contour arm shapewear goes a step further by also reducing back rolls around your bra line while simultaneously smoothing and compressing arm flab. Lace patterns create a more feminine shapewear that is playful with a little sass and a lot of comfort.

In addition to multiple colors and patterns, our long sleeve arm shape wear comes in different cuts in order to meet your cold-weather attire emergencies. The T-Shape Arm Shapewear shapes and trims your midsection, arms and back while the Arm Shaper with Velcro focuses on your arms and connects effortlessly to your bra straps with our unique Velcro system.

Those concerned about arms and upper back should turn to our Bolero Arm Shapewear. And if you would like hip shapewear too, order a long sleeve T-Shape BodyBriefer Arm Control Shapewear, which also features trimming and smoothing for arms, back and midsection.

Wear clingy blouses and sweater dresses without fear or hesitation. This winter season, shed self doubt and feel beautiful whether ice skating with kids or enjoying a romantic dinner for two at your favorite local eatery.

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