The Arm Shapewear Buying Guide

Winter is the perfect time of year to invest in arm shapewear. They are designed to make your arms appear slimmer, while wearing either a half sleeve or long sleeve top. The best arm shapewear consists of a natural look that provides you with a confidence boost for that annual holiday party. The best way to decide which arm shapewear is right for you is determined by how you look and feel in them.

Which Brand Should you Choose?

Popular arm shapewear is available in a variety of styles and materials, each of which offers their own benefits. Your Contour is a company that produces customized shapewear for any body type, including arm shapewear. We suggest that you choose arm shapewear that, most importantly, suits your body and whatever you decide to wear.

How Much Control do you Need?

Typically you have a choice on how much control you would like your arm shapewear to offer. The levels of control vary from light to extra firm. While the firmer you go the more control offered, it’s best to purchase arm shapewear with the lowest level of control possible for your body type. Higher-control levels provide more structure, while lower-control levels are more comfortable. Also, the lowest level of control presses lightly against your skin and makes your appearance smoother under clothes that fit closely.

What Size Should you Purchase?

When choosing a size for your arm shapewear, it’s important to note that you should choose a size that fits you the best. It’s not recommended that you go up a size.

For light-control arm shapewear, sizes designated by S, M, L or XL is sufficient. If you shop for shapewear with extra-firm control, look for sizes labeled by numbers. These numbered sizes have a more precise fit and are the best to buy when the outside garment will fit tightly against your body.

How do you want your Arm Shapewear to Look?

There is a variety of shapewear material, such as lace, embellishments and numerous colors (essentially there is a style for every outfit). We recommend that you buy the type of material shapewear that appeals to you aesthetically.

What will you Wear with your Arm Shapewear?

One thing to consider when choosing shapewear is what it will be worn under. For arm shapewear, select one that is shorter or just as long as the sleeves you wear. Before you decide on the arm shapewear to model, do a quick light test (sometimes the transparency of clothes vary based on the type of lighting you’re seen in).

Your Contour was founded in 2006 after the founder experienced the common frustration shared by many in regard to the industrialized sizes of the shapers. She created this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those that were pregnant, losing weight or had just undergone surgery. We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our consumers. Contact us and order your arm shapewear today!

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