An inside look at the Founder of Your Contour.

Your Contour Shapewear


Six years ago, I began Your Contour over the pure frustration I felt about shapewear. I had recently given birth to my third child and was battling pregnancy related weight gain by using lackluster products that were extremely uncomfortable and/or not functional. At the time, I thought about creating my own solution that would not only be more comfortable but also elegantly smooth my body in a way that helped me regain confidence in my appearance.

A few Latina friends, accustomed to wearing archaic girdles which still exist in the South American market, asked me to create something similar for them and so the business was born. However, as my business grew I began to realize that I had customers that I never imagined and could help improve their lives, image and confidence. I was constantly receiving messages from women who had undergone surgery to help with cancer and were suffering from a condition known as Lymphedema. The products I had created were being used by some clients to battle the swelling that was caused by this condition. These constant occurrences made me realize a new purpose. The shapewear that were once purely cosmetic made me feel fulfilled as I helped people realize their inner beauty and solve life-altering conditions. My shapewear have turned from a hidden undergarment to an product that is helping women recover from malignant diseases. Now with every step, I am working on creating beautiful shapewear in a variety of colors and fabrics that will express the sexiness, confidence, and happiness that every woman should feel. I hope that with my work I can plant one of the many seeds that will bloom and help women all over the world to overcome traumatic and painful experiences and become empowered, stronger women.


Your Contour’s line of body shapewear targets specific zones of your body, so you can have the support and therefore increased self-confidence where you desire it most. I began this company to produce a product that can custom fit anyone of any size and provide confidence to those who were recently pregnant, losing weight, or have undergone surgery.

We pride ourselves on our uniqueness and individuality of our products and the confidence they provide to our customers. Contact us and order your body shapewear today!

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