Your Contour Shapewear, has always prided itself on its emphasis on the uniqueness and the individuality that is carried by all our products. Since the beginning, the constant frustration of industrialized and cookie cutter shapewear seen from our competitors has been the fuel on which the company has expanded.

Our founder, Carola Taborga, started the company back in 2006 after feeling the common frustration seen among women as they strive to lose weight and look better. She felt frustrated over the industrialized sizes used on many of the shapers, that she bought, as they often did not fit to her body type. With this frustration in mind, she began to design a new and comfortable Body Shaper that could be used by women who did not fit into the industry’s image of what a shaper should be. Starting off with the Arm Shaper she constructed the first prototypes with small household sewing machines she kept in her garage. She began to spread these prototypes among her circle of friends, and with the positive feedback she began to further develop the idea that would soon become Your Contour.

On this basis our company began to focus on creating products that would fit any body shape and size. On this foundation, Your Contour offers a large variety of makes and models that help create a product that fits the customer needs; rather than restraining our customers within industry standards.

All of our products are made in the continental United States. We work on creating jobs for the American people as well as the training of more specialized and talented individuals. By doing so we hope to revive the manufacturing industry in the United States. With that in mind, “We are not just creating shapewear, we are shaping lives.”