3 Health Apps to Promote Fitness & Nutrition

Health Apps to promote WellnessI imagine that at some point you’ve probably heard the expression, “work smarter, not harder.” This philosophy can be applied to many aspects of life, including your fitness and health goals. Health apps are a great way to easily track your progress and stay motivated without much additional effort involved.

Do you like to exercise solo, or do you need to be part of a group to maintain goals and to stay motivated? Everyone has his or her own approach to fitness and nutrition. Fortunately, there is an abundance of health apps that may appeal to most anyone’s personal fitness preferences. To get started, check out our list of health apps that may help you reach your summer fitness and nutrition goals.

3 Health Apps to Promote Wellness

Cody: Do you post workout updates to Facebook and enjoy having a supportive community to keep you motivated? If so, then this health app could be perfect for you. Cody is a fitness community where you can track you own progress on a timeline that other users can comment on and like. You can also get tips and new workout ideas as others post their fitness updates. (Cost: Free)

LoseIt: If you prefer to have support when it comes to nutrition, then consider downloading this app. The tech allows you to scan barcodes of groceries for specific info on what you’re eating, in addition to tracking your calories. (Cost: Free)

Hot5 Fitness: The step-by-step workouts cover quick sessions like a 5-minute core workout or a long yoga session. This app has a wide range of workouts led by the industry’s top trainers. (Cost: Free for limited use or $2.99 per month for unlimited access)

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